Michigan Wine & Beer: Head to Head Cheese Pairing

Beervangelist. Photo courtesy UDIM
Beervangelist. Photo courtesy UDIM

Ever wonder what goes better with Michigan cheese–Michigan wine or Michigan beer? Thanks to the United Dairy Industry of Michigan, some of my fellow food bloggers and I got to find out.

Reserve was the backdrop for our little experiment. Fred Bueltmann, AKA The Beervangelist, chose the pairings (or would that be triplings?) and explained why he chose each beer and wine to go with the cheese. Since I like both beer and wine, I was really curious to find out which I would like better with the cheese. Turns out that it depended on the cheese. For some I preferred the beer; others wine; more often than not I liked both.

This would be a really fun party to host in someone’s home. You could have everyone bring a beer or wine with a cheese that they feel pairs well with it. Below I’ve listed the cheese and wine/beer pairings that Bueltmann put together in case you’d like some ideas:

Cheese: Caciocavallo (S Serra Cheese Company)
Beer: Paleooza (New Holland Brewing)
Wine: Blanc de Blanc (L. Mawby)

Cheese: Appenzeller (Tirrell Farmstead Specialties)
Beer: Monkey King Saison (New Holland Brewing)
Wine: Riesling (St. Julian)

Cheese: Raclette (Leelanau Cheese)
Beer: Solitude (Brewery Vivant)
Wine: Pinot Noir (2 Lads)

Cheese: Sharp White Cheddar (Farm Country Cheese)
Beer: Crooked Tree IPA (Dark Horse Brewing)
Wine: Pinot Grgio (Blustone Vineyard)

Cheese: Bridgewater (Zingerman’s Creamery)
Beer: White Hatter (New Holland Brewing)
Wine: Kerner (Left Foot Charlie)

What are some of your favorite wine/beer/cheese pairings?

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