My Favorite Places to Eat in West Michigan

When people hear that I'm a food blogger, they always ask me, "What's your favorite restaurant?" I have to say that is totally depends on the situation! Seriously, there are SO many great restaurants in West Michigan. And, of course, it is all very subjective. Nevertheless, here are my top picks. Feel free to disagree or add YOUR favorites in the comments!

Spice makes everything nice (at Pal’s Indian Cuisine).

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mari and I was invited by Wendy to begin writing some vegetarian posts for Eat Local, West Michigan. A truly exciting prospect! This year I was thrilled to celebrate my 20th vegetarian anniversary in a little party with some close friends (we ate Thai food). I'm excited … Continue reading Spice makes everything nice (at Pal’s Indian Cuisine).

Wolfgang’s: Get the Meat Sweats for Breakfast {Restaurant Review}

Last Sunday, the husband and I wanted to go somewhere different for breakfast. "Have we been to Wolfgang's?" I asked. I'd heard about it but couldn't quite remember where it was. "Yes," he said. "We haven't been there in awhile. Let's go! They have a lot of meat. It's like the opposite of Gaia's."