Saving the Season: Late July 2016

Groundswell green beansThis seems to be an especially good year for growing vegetables, as evidenced by my own garden and the generous amount of vegetables that I’ve been receiving in my CSA. These are the days that we dream about in the winter!

Now is the perfect time to think about putting some of those extra goodies up (or even purchase additional vegetables to save for later).

Here is a list of what I received in my Groundswell Community Farm CSA last week, and how I would prioritize storage:

Salad Greens – these really should be eaten right away
Basil – can freeze in freezer bags or make into pesto and freeze
Cabbage – this lasts a long time in the crisper drawer
Kale OR Chard – the easiest way to save these is to lightly stir fry in a dry nonstick pan and freeze in freezer bags
Radishes – you could pickle these or use right away
Garlic – this was green garlic, so you’ll want to use this within a week or two
Cilantro OR Parsley – cilantro is a bit delicate, but parsley can be frozen the same as basilkale
Broccoli – you will want to blanche before freezing
Beets – these will also last a long time in the crisper drawer
Carrots OR Beans – carrots don’t last long around here, but beans can sometimes pile up. Blanche and freeze in freezer bags
Summer Squash – shred in a food processor and freeze in freezer bags
Cucumbers – make pickles or just eat raw
Onion – again, these are not cured right now so you’ll want to use within a week or two
Small Tomato OR Pepper – these are gold right now since the main crops have not yet come in. Savor and enjoy!
Tomatillos OR Eggplant – same as with tomatoes, it’s early so these are wonderful to eat RIGHT NOW

In the West Michigan area?

You can pick up in-season vegetables from Groundswell at the following markets:
Fulton St. Farmers Market – Saturdays, 8am to ~1:30pm @ the north end of the market                 1147 East Fulton, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

The market is located a half block west of the corner of Fulton and Fuller Streets east of downtown. We are the end stall on the North end, near Fountain St.

Holland Farmers’ Market – Saturdays, 8am to ~1:30pm  May 17th to November                                   150 W. 8 th St., Holland, MI 49423   Mid-May through November or December, Wednesdays from June through October.  We are usually near the west end of the market, about 8 stalls in on the north side of the aisle.

South Haven Farm Market – Saturdays, 8am – 2pm   Mid-May to mid-October                                  546 Phoenix St, S Haven, MI 49090

Grand Haven Farmers Market – Saturdays, 8am-1pm    Mid-May – late October                                301 N Harbor Dr, GH, MI 49417

What vegetables are you enjoying these days? Comment below!
You can also order extras for freezing on the Groundswell website.


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