Making the Dreamgoats Come True

I don’t always pass along Kickstarter campaigns, but when I do, they are about eating or drinking local. This Dreamgoats Project definitely fits the bill! I’ll let Leah tell you about it in her own words:

My name is Leah Sienkowski. I’m a land-lover, a biologist, and a poet from Green Wagon Farm in Ada, Michigan; I joyfully recognize my reliance on natural rhythms and I long to celebrate and spread the joys of working the land.

Today I officially embark on this journey I’m calling the “Dreamgoats.”

The Dreamgoats Project

I aim to start my first goat herd this summer with three baby goats, and I plan to grow the herd and the health of the land using creative grazing strategies: letting goats eat brush and brambles on area farms, trim cover-crops, and graze invasive species and weeds. My herd will be pastured at Green Wagon Farm initially, but I plan to pasture elsewhere in the future, including other local farms.

Goats are a better ecological alternative to herbicides and gas-powered engines–not to mention, visually striking and more fun.

After twelve months, the goats can be bred, and I will be on my way to operating a goat-share business, by which I can share the dairy my goats produce with my community.

As a young farmer, I am eager to navigate the misconceptions of food production and bring clarity to the dairy industry, while creating rich compost to nourish the land and creamy confections to nourish my community.

Dreamgoats & You

Please consider joining me in raising a resilient herd of organic dairy goats by sharing my story.

Raising goats requires a year-and-a-half of startup and maintenance costs before any profit can be made. Over the next three weeks (through May 15!) we will be using Kickstarter to raise $2700 to help with the costs of purchasing goats and supplies while we work to raise a healthy herd. I am asking my community to help fund the following:
1) Three young dairy goats
2) A mobile goat-shelter
3) Solar-electric fencing
In exchange for supporting the Dreamgoats, backers can choose from several delightful rewards, including fun t-shirts, totes, and on-farm experiences–you could even name a goat!

Why Goats?

Goats are the perfect characters for the story of agriculture which needs retelling. They are friendly and curious and can transform overgrown land into a useful and delicious resource, linking the health of humans and the land in a visceral way.

Dreamgoats Mission:

The Dreamgoats is founded on the belief that our world needs new farmers, that our land needs new ways of raising food, and that our bodies need new ways of being nourished.

I aim to work toward this end with a herd of organic dairy goats, which will be pastured at Green Wagon Farm in my hometown of Ada, Michigan.

With the Dreamgoats, we can raise awareness for farmers, good food, and beautiful land and contribute to growing a more resilient and more delectable community.

The Journey Ahead:

Though farming is said to “tie you down,” a phrase which many of my peers detest, I can both embrace and rewrite this cliché with goats.
I can drive my herd across cities and walk them down sidewalks, wearing down hoofs against cliffs of pavement and advocating for surprise, while celebrating kinship with a wild and a hilarious species, one much different from my own.

Thank You.

I am humbled by the chance to live out this story and by the support and encouragement I have already received. I look forward to the ways in which we can learn from each other and work together to infuse our communities with hope and curiosity.

Gratefully yours,

Leah Sienkowski



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