Crooked Goose: My Menu Picks

Last week I had the chance to preview the menu at a special VIP party. Here’s the scoop!

First, although it’s by the same people who brought us Twisted Rooster, be aware that the Crooked Goose is a different concept. The space (and kitchen) is a lot smaller, so the focus is on “pub & grub” food.

Secondly, I get lots of questions about gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options on this website and on my Facebook page. I’ll warn you now that there aren’t a ton of choices other than the salads (which are quite good, but it’s still a salad). Although Crooked Goose commits to the Mitt, locally sourced doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.

I would not go to this restaurant if you are watching your calories. However, for those wanting an occasional splurge, hold on to your arteries. I would put these menu items on your must-try list:

– flash fried pretzels. It comes with Mrs. Dog’s mustard sauce and a maple-bourbon sauce. Oh my word, DELICIOUS! I actually liked to dip the pretzel in both sauces at once.

– alligator tail. Obviously not locally sourced, but these were very tender and tasty.

– pot pie. By far the favorite dish of the evening.

– twisted brownie.

The wings were only OK. They weren’t bad, but weren’t anything exciting, either. The only menu item I wasn’t a fan of was the deep fried cookie dough–which I expected to like, but turned out to be very rich and  blobby, not in a good way.

As far as drinks go, there are lots of great Michigan selections. (tip: don’t drink Brewery Vivant out of a can. While there is nothing wrong with beer stored in cans, you get a much truer flavor if you pour it into a glass).

If you go, be sure to stop back here and share YOUR favorite menu items!


One thought on “Crooked Goose: My Menu Picks

  1. Took 2 of my girls Monday and we all liked our food. I had the wildfire chicken sandwich. My youngest had the chicken pot pie. My middle daughter had a personal deep dish pizza. I would totally agree with the comment about only going if you want to splurge on calories. There really isn’t anything that is low cal. We all shared our food and I have to say they were all delicious. The pizza sauce is on the spicy side hence the description “sweet and spicy” which is great for me since I love spicy food but my daughter went through 3 glasses of water. She liked the flavor but isn’t a big fan of spicy.

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