Big Changes at Fair Food Matters

Image courtesy of Fair Food Matters

Starting in 2001, Fair Food Matters’ original mission was to serve the community as a resource to educate about food issues relating to health, environmental responsibility, and social justice. Although our mission today is not very different, the landscape in which we exist has changed. We are pleased that many other organizations are now engaged in food systems work and that these issues are at the forefront. As such, big changes are underway for 2016 at Fair Food Matters!

In order to continue to address needs in our local food system, two of our main programs, Growing Matters Garden and Can-Do Kitchen, will be transforming into different non-profit organizations. This will allow each to have greater positive impact in the community. The Fair Food Matters you know and love will focus solely on its original program, Growing Matters Garden, directed by longtime program manager, Heather Crull. The Can-Do Kitchen will branch out to become a separate, full-fledged 501c3 organization, focusing on food business incubation, directed by program founder, Lucy Dilley, and longtime program coordinator, Sheena Foster.

Fair Food Matters’ Growing Matters Garden will continue to provide hands-on, garden-based, experiential learning for K-5 youth at Woodward Elementary School. In the long-term, we will explore how to expand programming to involve more youth in our community.

As a new non-profit, Can-Do Kitchen will continue to provide commercial kitchen space, food business incubation, and workshops to entrepreneurs. In the short term, we will move into an interim facility while we explore partnership opportunities and plan our future expansion. The expansion will build capacity for incubating food businesses and increase access to a more inclusive demographic.

The Can-Do Kitchen and Fair Food Matters’ Growing Matters Garden will start transforming into separate entities this fall. We are consolidating offices and will operate out of the Can-Do Kitchen office located at 511 Harrison Street. Over the next several months, you will begin to see two different identities emerging, including social media, websites, boards of directors, and refocused missions.

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