An Interview with West Michigan’s Kitchen Kop

You may have seen her at one of the local Nourishing Ways meetings, or read her blog at She’s Kelly the Kitchen  Kop, and she’s busting “politically correct” health and nutrition information.

1. How did you get started on your real food journey?

In early 2004 I needed to lose some weight (I was 37) and had heard about the South Beach Diet.  I mentioned to a friend that I was giving this diet a shot and she hinted that it might not be a good idea.  She gave me a website to check out instead:  What I read there one morning has changed me forever.  I became a crazy woman and couldn’t believe what I was learning, so many things were the opposite of what “they” had been telling me I should eat!
2. When did you start your blog, and what was your inspiration?
At a friend’s suggestion, I started working on the blog in the fall of 2007 and it went live on 1/1/08.  It began as a way to organize all the new information I was learning, and to have one place to send friends and family who were asking me if this or that was ‘ok’ to eat, and where to find all the traditional foods that I now knew were so good for me.
3. What are some of your favorite local resources for real food?
I go through stages of making my own bread for a while, and then not for a while, so when I’m buying bread, I LOVE Little Rooster.  It’s made locally, I know the baker (Casey Lubbers), he uses organic ingredients, and it is made with traditional fermentation methods.  Best of all, my kids eat the fermented whole wheat without complaint!Casey’s bakery is on the farm (Lubbers) where we get our amazing raw milk, but their cow share program is full.  (Your readers can find other options, and also look for Lubbers new raw milk aged cheeses!)

My favorite place to buy local meats is Creswick Farms – I also know these farmers and they know what they’re doing!  Their animals are all pasture raised and not fed any of the junk that conventional farms put in their feed.  I visit their farm in my Rookie class and Nathan gives a tour.  🙂

We get our local, seasonal nutrient-packed produce at Earthkeeper Farm, they are friends and come to our Rockford farm market.  I’ve visited their farm for my Rookie class, too, and you’ll find out how knowledgeable they are about raising nutrient-dense food.

Notice that I love getting to know my local food producers, and this is very important when trying to find the best quality foods to nourish yourself and your family.  Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, most love to talk about their farm and will even encourage you to visit!

4. If someone is brand new to the real food lifestyle, what ONE change would you suggest that they make?
I would suggest they start eating only healthy fats!  No more low fat anything. Instead learn to love animal fats again, especially fats (and meat) from animals on pasture.  Just this can make a huge difference in how you feel, in your energy levels, in your fertility, in your weight loss, in your mood, even in your libido – we need healthy fats in our lives!

Thanks, Kelly! And you can enter to win her Real Food for Rookies class at my other blog right here: Hurry, the contest ends May 1!

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