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Bountiful Michigan (aka: Eat Local West Michigan) was created in 2010 under the vision of bringing more awareness and educating our local communities and visitors on our local bounty and the abundance of farm fresh ingredients.  We are very fortunate to live in a state that is ranked #2 in it’s diversity in agriculture (California is #1).  Our counties throughout Michigan are thriving with generational farms and their families who have laid the foundation of strong roots. We have a thriving and growing economy that embraces fresh local food on a daily basis -a food scene that is growing leaps and bounds with dedicated chefs and restaurant owners making farm to fork philosophy a staple on their seasonal menus.

Opportunities abound throughout Michigan and Bountiful Michigan is a company compelled to build and strengthen connections throughout every aspect of the food system.  We are here to bring awareness to our local resources and advocate for local food and farming throughout various arenas; our daily blog and sharing our partners stories, culinary tourism menu including special events and private food and farm tours as well as a resourceful database for consumers to utilize in finding ways to connect to our local food system in Michigan.

About Me:

Hello!  My name is Lisa Armstrong and I am the owner of Bountiful Michigan.  A true Mid-West girl who loved playing in corn fields, canning tomatoes and chasing lightning bugs throughout the summer nights as a young child.  My inspiration goes back to my roots and how I was raised by my family, especially my grandparents and great grandparents, who were all hardworking farmers. They inspired me to honor and respect the food that was provided to me and not ever take it for granted. Don’t be wasteful in the food that was grown in our own backyard and fields. Respect the animals that were raised for meat. Preserve the bounty of the seeds that were sown. When I got away from these lessons in life, as a young parent, and began not sourcing my food from local farms, as much as I should have, I lost a part of me that effected my everyday life. It was critical that I got back to my roots after I realized what I had been missing.

As a female entrepreneur who has a culinary background of over 20 years, I have owned 4 different food-based businesses along my delicious journey.  I look forward to working hard at growing Bountiful Michigan into a company that inspires others to embrace all the amazing bounty Michigan has to offer to all individuals no matter who they are or why they are in our beautiful and delicious state.  I look forward to sharing my passion and energy towards growing this amazing company into a branded and trusted name with those who are striving to go back to their own roots and support a healthy and local food system.

Have a deliciously rooted day!

Lisa Armstrong

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